Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chalk Up Another First...

The twins experienced their first Hurricane over the weekend. THANKFULLY it was not too bad once it hit our area. We had a couple trees fall and did lose power for 12 hours (very minimal compared to most). We are very grateful to have stayed safe and sound in our home.

Our neighbor's tree fell across their driveway!
Even our little beach cottage survived without any damage at all. Although the beach is now just a pile of rocks! Guess we won't be building anymore sandcastles this summer, but in hindsight if that's all we lose, we ended up pretty lucky.
Boarding up for the storm

This was the day before Irene hit. There were surfers out there but you can't see them in the fog.

The aftermath, Our beach now covered in rocks

We send our thoughts out to all those who were affected by Irene and hope all those without power (including a lot of our family members) get it restored soon!

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