Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interchangeable Phrases

To lighten the mood a little while Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene is ripping through New England, I thought I might post a few of the phrases I have used on both my children and my dogs...

1. No biting!
2. Please don't chew the furniture.
3. We don't pee/poop on the floor!
4. Stop licking the door.
5. That's the dog's/kids' toy, please don't chew it!
6. Sit! Stay! Lay Down!
7. Don't eat that!
8. Please stop trying to climb on my lap while I pee.
9. Mommy's shoes are not a chew toy.
10. Don't chew that dirty diaper!
11. Stop playing in the trash!

So I guess in conclusion, if you have a dog before you have kids, you've got some phrases already down.

*I hope everyone in the East Coast is staying safe right now!