Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rocking Horse > Carousel

Yesterday we took the twins to Roger Williams Park (Not the zoo, just the park). They have the CUTEST toddler playground complete with walk up ramps, small slides, swings (Kaylie's favorite), and a little school bus with steering wheel (Cavan's favorite).

They also have a carousel! We thought, how fun, the kids love their rocking horses and spring horse so naturally they will love to sit on the carousel horse, right? WRONG! Cavan hated it from the second we stepped onto the platform. He screamed and reached for Ryan, so they moved to the bench on the ride, you know the one that doesn't move. Well he still wasn't a fan, so once the ride ended they were outta there!

Kaylie, on the other hand, tolerated the horse before the ride started. As soon as it started up though I literally thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. She didn't know what to think! And of course, with her short momma, she was going up above my head. Once she saw that, she wanted no part of that horse anymore. So we moved to the bench as well. That she did enjoy. She was clapping and laughing as we went around. So she got a second ride around on the bench with me while Cavan and Ry watched from the fence.
Right before the ride started, before the fear truly set in.

In conclusion, The rocking horse and spring horse are greater than the carousel in the mind of my twins.

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