Monday, January 24, 2011

Crib Wars...

So I mentioned in the 10 month post that Cavan is pretty much at war with his crib. I know its mostly my own fault because of the sheer exhaustion I had been pulling him into bed with us. Now I wouldn't mind him sleeping there if he actually slept. But with a queen sized bed, things are just a bit too snug for all of us resulting in a lot of tossing and turning resulting in not a lot of sleeping.

Now we're just desperate for a good night's sleep. But unfortunately for us and Cav, this place scares the dickens out of him...

Or so he'd like us to believe. Gone are the days of my perfect little boy who I could lay in his crib wide awake and watch him doze off in to dreamland. It really got bad when he learned he could sit up in his crib. Then worse when he learned to stand in there. 

We resorted to rocking him to sleep, which worked for a while, then he decided the arms were where he preferred to sleep. The second we put him down in his crib he'd roll over sit himself up and scream. I'm talking you would have thought we just laid him down on a bed of nails scream. Mind you he'd be sound asleep and snoring when we laid him down. 

My first thought, it HAS to be an ear infection. So off we went to the Doctors. Nope completely healthy. So I blamed teething and hoped this phase would soon pass. Well 8 teeth later, we're still in the same rut. To which I responded with another trip to the Doctor, because it has to be an ear infection this time, right? WRONG! Clean bill of health. Just fighting his crib. The Doctor tells me to try the Ferber method.

So here we are starting off with a modified version of crying it out where I wait the intervals and when I go in I give him his pacifier, lay him down, say goodnight and place my hand on his back. Well, we've had a little progress, he's stayed in his crib all night for three nights. So I plan to do this for a week and then move in to REAL Ferber method of not laying him down and letting him do all the self soothing. 

I know it'll be a longer process, but I'm hoping it will eventually lead to a much better night for all of us.

As a side note, we did something right with Kaylie because she will go in her crib, talk to her dolls for a minute and is sound asleep for the night. I wish she'd teach her brother her tricks! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh my, my babies are almost babies no more. This is definitely a hard pill to swallow. 10 months are gone and where they're at now is well beyond where I thought they'd be. Cavan is ready to just take off walking any day now and Kaylie's vocabulary is astonishing.

Cavan is officially into EVERYTHING. He is quick too. I will go in the kitchen for just a second only to come out and find him across the room climbing something. Oh and does he love to climb things. He loves his little scooter and can climb right on and scoot around the house. He also loves to push things around the house to help him get to where he wants to go.

However, he does have a new habit that I'm not thrilled with. His war with his crib. So far, the crib is winning. I try to be Switzerland and try to help him make peace with his crib, but his safe haven eventually becomes our bed. Which let me say I don't hate him being there because I know he won't be this little and snuggly forever, but that being said, we have a queen sized bed with 2 dogs already taking up my half of the bed. So as you can imagine, a little boy added into the mix does not help, but it sure beats getting up and having him scream every 20 minutes. Crying it out is tough when you know your husband has to get up at 4:30 for work, so for the sake of saving some sanity, for now he'll start in his crib and then join us when he wakes up.

Kaylie is literally like a little parrot. Although she not only repeats, she knows what she's saying. How do I know this? Because she will point to herself and say, "Kaylie" then point to her brother and say, "Cavan". I kid you not! If only she would let me catch he saying it on film but everytime I turn the camera on she just laughs. But Ryan and my mom have both witnessed it so I'm not crazy. She is also very inquisitive and is constantly asking, "Who is that" or "What is that".

This girl is destined for the lime light though. Once she gets over that little stage fright. She is always a performer for me. She is constantly dancing to any beat she hears, even some I don't hear. Now she has a toy with a microphone so she can sing AND dance... which she does. I mean she's not singing Ave Maria or anything...yet, but she puts the microphone in her mouth, yells and shakes her little booty.

She is also destined to give me grey hairs. oh does this little girl have a temper! If she has something she's not supposed to have, she knows it. And when I ask her for it she'll reach it up to me and when my hand gets close she whips it away and laughs hysterically. When I do eventually get it, she shakes he entire body, bites her fist and throws herself either onto the floor or, if I'm sitting with her, onto me and bites me. Thankfully she doesn't have that many teeth yet!

I just can't believe that I need to start planning their 1st birthday! That is crazy to me!