Monday, May 3, 2010

Our First Trip is Coming...

We're taking our first trip with the twins next weekend. My cousin is getting married out in Ohio and we are making the trek out! Yup, we're flying! We will have my mom and step-father to help us out though, so hopefully it won't get too chaotic. Hopefully we won't be the loud ones on the flight.

I've been reading up on tips for flying though and hopefully it will help. I've heard that either feeding them or giving them the pacifier at take off and landing can help. We're going to pack a few changes of clothes, diapers, and we're getting the ready made formula bottles so we don't have to worry about mixing or heating. It's not a long flight so that should help as well. It will definitely be an experience, that's for sure. Any other tips I should know?

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Anonymous said...

I have never flown with infants with all the flight restrictions. You might want to check with the airlines if there are any special requirements you need to bring formula on the plane. You never know what could happen these days. Its terrible to think that you have to look into these things.