Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Ultrasound...

No, no, no, not for me! I may go a bit crazy if that were the case. The twins had their hip ultrasounds today. Because they were both breach when I had my C-Section, they had to check to make sure their hips were all in the right place. Well, everything looked great! They were both so good during the whole process too.

Kaylie also had to have her kidneys checked out because she had some fluid around her left one when she was still in the womb. She still has some fluid, but it's still nothing to be too concerned about. It apparently can be one of two things; either she has a bent tube that doesn't flush out the fluid entirely or reflux (different from acid reflux). The first one is the less serious of the two. Our pediatrician will let us know Monday when we go for their 2 month checkup what our next step is. No cause for concern at this point though, so we are relieved!

Then we made a couple stops on the way home. The twins were "Show and Tell" in their Mimi's school. All the teachers and students thought they were so cute and couldn't get over ALL that hair!

We are all packed up and ready for our trip this weekend. We leave tomorrow morning. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that we are not "Those" people on the plane and that our babies are well behaved.

See you when we get back, hopefully with some pictures in their cute wedding outfits!

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Cheryl said...

we just travelled with our twins and it went just fine! You'll do great!
Glad the appt went well!