Monday, May 17, 2010

2 Month Appointment and First Trip...

First off, if you haven't seen my Blog Party post, click here!
The twins had their 2 month checkup today. They are happy and healthy little babies. Here is the lowdown!

  • Weight: 11lbs 6oz, Height: 21.5 inches
  • We have an appointment on June 28th to follow up with the urologist on Kaylie's kidneys. They just want to make sure the urine is not flushing back into her kidneys which would cause some damage.
  • Has a little bit of Thrush on her tongue, so we are starting an antibiotic to help cure that. 
  • Her two strawberry birthmarks look ok and should start to fade between 6 months to 2 years
  • She does favor her right side, which we do know, so we have to work on repositioning her more often not only to avoid flat head, but also to prevent her ears from shifting. Right now her right ear is slightly forward which is correctable at this point. So we will be working on loosening her neck muscles and getting her to lay on alternating sides.
  • We got a couple more tips to help with her gas bubbles (Cav's too). We can still use the Gripe Water that we have been. We can also try gas drops, but we also got some all natural remedies as well. We are going to try 2-3 drops of chamomile tea in their formula. Also we are getting some acidophilus to help as well.
  • Lastly, because she favors her right side, formula is getting caught in her neck causing it to become a little raw. So the Dr. recommended putting a little corn starch on her neck to help keep it dry and prevent a yeast infection from forming.

  • Weight: 10lbs 15oz, Height 21.25 inches
  • We also have to work on repositioning him because his ears are slighty off as well. Not as much as Kaylie's, but still off.
  • He has a bit of Thrush too. He probably caught it from Kaylie because his case is a little more mild. We are going to start him on the antibiotics as well. We also have to steralize EVERYTHING to prevent it from continuing.
They both also got their 2 month shots and their Rotavirus drink vaccine so as you can imagine, they are wiped today.

They also had their first trip this past weekend. They were perfect on the plane! Slept the entire time both ways! They really couldn't have been any better. Although, I could have done without Cavan pooping right as we were taxiing away from the gate. I will say though it was hard even with 4 of us because of all the stuff! We had the stroller, car seats, bases, and luggage. It was a lot to lug everywhere, but we did it.

We really had a great time in Ohio and it was really great to see our family. The twins partied it up at the rehearsal dinner and wedding! Kaylie decided to poop 7 minutes before the ceremony started. My mom and I looked like an Indy race car team changing her diaper so we didn't miss the start of the ceremony. Then they did great and pretty much slept the whole time. We danced a bit, Kaylie was really getting into "Shout" and of course they came out to the dance floor for  our family song "Funky Cold Medina" (Yes that is our family song). Cavan and I also got a little slow dance in. It really was a great wedding and I hope the twins didn't steal the show too much from my cousin and his wife. I know we all had a great time!

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Shelby Bukhenik said...

Wow You have lots of stuff on your to do list for those babes, sounds like you are just used to it! Mommy mode!

They looked so cute for the wedding and its hard not to steal the show when you're that cute. I am glad to hear they were good on the plane, we are traveling (with my parents) in August with the Emma and the new babes!

Steph said...

Your pics are beautiful!!

New follower from D-List :)