Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Have to Take How Much Blood?

I had my follow up bloodwork and cultures today. They said the results may take a little longer this time as they are running multiple test, but let me just tell you about the experience. I'd like to start by saying ever since I was little I have not been a fan of giving blood. You can ask my dad about the time I turned and ran into the lobby play area of the Doctor's office to avoid the finger prick.

On to the experience. So I arrived early in hopes of getting some results earlier (didn't happen). The Lab technicians are beginning to recognize me at this point and bring me right to the back. So far so good. THEN the tech pulls out 4 bottles, not tubes, BOTTLES! Granted they may have appeared bigger to me in the moment, but they were at least 4x the size of the normal tubes. Oh and then she pulls out one of the small tubes, for good measure I guess. My eyes at this point had to have been popping out of my head, but I was already trapped in the seat and there are no play areas in this lobby.

I'm then told I will do one test filling up two of the bottles and the tube, wait 10 minutes and then fill up the other 2 bottles. WHAT?? I have to endure the process TWICE?? Well needless to say it wasn't as bad as I had pictured in my head and I still had enough blood left in me to get me back to work. HOPEFULLY this will be the last blood test I will have for a while.

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