Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8th Appointment and an Exciting One at that!!

Ok, so first the exciting news... We scheduled my C-Section/Induction! Come March 23 if these babies haven't decided to make their own debut and would like a scheduled introduction, this will be the day it happens! I say C-Section/Induction because if both babies are head down then they will just go ahead and induce me, otherwise it will be a C-Section. As of right now, the babies have moved into a transverse/transverse position, meaning neither is head down. They are both lying across my belly head-to-feet. My doctor said Cavan should shift back to a head down position and Kaylie will most likely be the deciding factor on how I deliver.

Now on to the rest of the appointment. It seems that there was a little protien and glucose in my urine, but my blood pressure was perfect and I passed my glucose test with flying colors so they don't seem too concerned at this point. I got most of my blood work back from my donation last week and my white blood cell count was still dropping, but is still slightly elevated. So just for fun I was sent to the lab for more blood work. Honestly, did my doctor buy stock in my blood? Hopefully my numbers will come back normal and my arms will no longer look like a heroin addict from all the poking!

Other than that, the twins look fantastic. Squirming all around in there with wonderful heartbeats. I didn't get an actual weight measurement, and probably won't until my ultrasound February 1, but everything I've read says they should be between 2.5-3 lbs by this point. Now I do want them to keep growing, but I swear I have no idea where they are going to fit!

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amy said...

I just came over from M & M! Glad to find your blog- can't wait to follow your journey as your twins arrive! It's the craziest but most amazing experience ever! :) My girls are 16 months and I just love watching them grow and play with each other. How blessed we are! Hang in there- you're getting close! :)