Wednesday, January 6, 2010

7th Appointment and Glucose Test!

I had my 7th appointment today and my Dr was very pleased with my progress! The appointment started with me downing 10oz of liquid orange sugar. Yes I had my glucose test today which tests for Gestational Diabetes. Now I had heard from some that the liquid they make you drink is AWFUL and from others that it wasn't bad at all. Well I will say, it really wasn't bad at all. Maybe because I've had a bit of a sweet tooth lately, it actually was a bit satisfying. It tasted like those little orange drinks you would have as a kid. You know which ones I'm talking about...
I usually preferred red or blue, but would occasionally have an orange if it was the only one left. But getting back on topic, it wasn't bad.

I then went up for my appointment, since I had to wait an hour for them to test my blood. First thing's first, the dreaded scale. I'm up 26 Lbs so far. My Dr said that seems great. They expect me to gain anywhere between 30-40 Lbs total and would like me to gain at least more than 30 to make sure the babies are big enough. No problem there. I seem to gain 4 Lbs every visit, which is now every 2 weeks! Then the fun part, taking a peek at the little ones. They are doing great! Cavan is still in the head down position and Kaylie is still head up positioned just in the right spot to continue her irish jigs on her brother's head. I did ask if there was a chance of her turning and my Dr said at this point, there is a chance. Something tells me she won't though because then she will lose her dance floor. Then we measured the belly. I am measuring 37 weeks! No wonder I am so tired. I was assured this is completely normal.

We then discussed paperwork I need to fill out for my delivery (OMG, It's coming so soon!). Then we went over when they will schedule my C-Section should I need one. We set tentative dates between March 22-24 for the C-Section and will schedule it at my next visit. Good news too, my Dr will not be on vacation for that! However, I could still deliver sooner than that, so don't let that sway you due date guess too much.

I then had my blood taken and was on my way. It'll be about a week before we know the results of the glucose test so I will keep you posted. I will also be having another big ultrasound in the next couple of weeks to check the twins growth. Hopefully they will be able to tell me how big length and weight wise they are! I'm also hoping for some new candids to post as well. I just can't believe these babies will be here so soon! I feel like I was just peeing on a stick, seeing the YES, and thinking I had SO long to go! Now I am thinking they're going to be here so soon and I am so excited!

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I hated the glucose test! YUCK!

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