Friday, January 8, 2010

How do you Keep a Hypochondriac busy?

  1. Tell them they have an elevated white blood cell count.
  2. Have them come in for more blood tests.
  3. Tell them to watch for symptoms of anything for the next week.
  4. Tell them to come back in a week for more tests.
Apparently I have never explained to my Dr. that I am the worst hypochondriac in the nation. I got my blood work back from yesterday and my levels were still elevated, but lower than the day before. So the nurse asked me if I've had any symptoms of back pain, congestion, anything. At the time I didn't so I said no. However, when you ask a hypochondriac to look for specific symptoms, like magic, they all of a sudden appear!

Although I'm pretty sure my back pain is caused by the fact that I have two babies protruding out of my front side, throwing off my euilibrium, and forcing me to "Lean back, lean back". My runny/stuffy nose has been constant since the day I peed on a stick so I'm pretty sure that's ok. Going to the bathroom frequently, CHECK! Although it could be the 90 ounces of water I drink and the fact that Cavan finds comfort in squeezing my bladder. So what constitutes concern? They may have opened up a can of worms with this one!

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