Friday, August 20, 2010

What's in My Diaper Bag?

So I'll admit it, I'm addicted to beauty channels on YouTube. If you've never seen one, but love to keep up to date with makeup and hair latest trends I suggest starting with AllThatGlitter21, she's definitely one of my favorites. I have a point, I swear. Well a lot of times they'll have videos on what essentials they carry in their purse and I thought it might be fun to do the same with a diaper bag. Although I'm not doing a YouTube video because I sound pretty lame on camera, so you get a write up instead :)

First things first, here is the diaper bag I own. It's by Carter's and yes I only have ONE diaper bag that I can fit everything in for both babies!

This I carry in my diaper bag, but have never used it. It was actually something Ryan picked out, and the only thing he keeps in his "I have to have my own" diaper bag. Which by the way, he never takes ANYWHERE! It has organic diaper rash cream, natural aloe Vera gel packs, organic face & body moisturizer, latex free jr. bandages, natural tush wipes, a one time use thermometer, organic shampoo & body wash.
I always have a change of clothes, you know, just in case. Right now it's just extra onsies since it's been so hot out. I don't have this onsie, but it would definitely be handy (It says Yes we're twins. No, we're not identical.)

Desitin is a must carry! I would feel awful if they had a red bum and I didn't have anything to help!

Bottles! depending where I'm going I usually only carry two bottles that I prefill with water before I leave the house. This way I can just throw in the powder and feed quick if I need to. These are the bottles we use. Cavan uses the VentAire and Kaylie the Avent.

Extra Pacifiers! Or as I sometimes refer to them as the mute buttons. Typically the twins are content whenever we go anywhere, but there are times when they have their moments. They also like to drop their pacifiers on occasion so I make sure to have extras on hand!

When I tell you Dreft gets everything out, I mean it! This is a wonderful little tool. Basically the same as the Tide pen, but with Dreft instead.

These are great! Their the Munchkin formula containers. You pre-measure the powdered formula into the container slots and then when you're ready to use you just pop open the top and mix! Very convenient and a lot less messy than trying to scoop out of the container on the go!

You can never have enough wipes! I carry a small travel case in the diaper bag, but then I also have backups in my glove box in the car.
Diapers, duh! I don't really need an explanation on this, do I?

This is actually something a friend of mine gave me and has been wonderful! It reminds me of the dog poo bags, but it's for dirty diapers on the go. So if we're say, at the beach, and they frown upon throwing the diapers in the ocean, I just toss them in these bags and throw them out when we leave. They're scented too, but not overbearingly. Just enough to hide what's inside!

Lastly, I always carry around a baggy of medication. It has Tylenol, Benadryl, Thermometer, saline, Gripe Water, and basically anything else you can think of for a "Just in Case" moment!

So that's everything I carry on a daily basis. Obviously there are times where I may toss in other things depending on where we're going, but these are the essentials.

What is your "Must Have" item that you carry in your diaper bag?


Kate said...

Toys! We always keep some toy in there for her. We also use the paci clips now that she likes to throw them across the room.

And I keept a receiving blanket in there because sometimes when we go out to eat it's cold in there!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Such a cute post! I think I may copy for today!!

PS I love the munchkin pre measured case!