Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Months!

The twins are now 5 months and boy have they grown! They actually go Wednesday for a checkup so I won't have their official stats until then, but I can certainly give a little update on them!

Cavan is a rolling man! For a baby who despised tummy time just 2 short months ago, he sure has a different opinion now. Anytime I lay him on his back he flips himself right over onto his tummy. He wants to move so bad and really tries. He can kind of scoot a little bit, but I wouldn't necessarily call it crawling. I'm also pretty sure we've reached the teething stage as he is becoming a little more fussy and chews everything in sight! He's also a jumper still. LOVES the Jumparoo and will stay in it usually for an hour at a time!

Kaylie is not as interested in rolling over. She's done it a couple of times now, but if I lay her on her back she'll just go on her side and stay there. She does however scoot a little more then he does when I put her on her tummy. She'll tuck her legs under, lay her head down and push off. She usually ends up moving in a circle. She's definitely more inquisitive than Cav. She wants to grab everything, including my hair at every chance. She plays with toys more, although I should say that her playing means she grabs them and puts them in her mouth!

They are both on rice cereal now and after their appointment Wednesday we will be starting them on some other foods! I felt no need to rush this as you can see they're not lacking in calories! They are both "talking" a lot more these days and laughing out loud which is the cutest noise you'll ever hear. They are beach bums already and now really love the sand and the ocean! I may be in for it next summer when they're mobile and fearless! But let's not rush that, so for now I'll just keep cherishing all the little moments as they come and love every second of these two sweet babies!

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Shelby Bukhenik said...

They are so stinkin cute!

Cheryl said...

oh the bumbos!! Loved those for the twins!!
These stages are flying by so fast...adorable.

Christina said...

Cuties! Happy 5 months!