Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prunes, Oh Boy!

The twins tried prunes yesterday for the first time and they LOVED it! I would have taken a picture, but they were yelling at me so I couldn't. So far the diapers haven't been bad, but it was just day one so I guess we'll see if day two brings on some more interesting diapers.

Also Kaylie and I both have a little cough now :( It is not fun! Add that with both babies unhappy from teething already and you can imagine the sanity roller coaster I'm on, haha. CVS brand Tylenol and Little Teethers gel have been great, but I'm trying not to over medicate. I've tried the cold wash cloth and they hate that. The carrots work ok, but they get bored with them and then it's back to square one. It's kind of the same thing with the cold teethers, regular teethers, and anything else I give them. If anyone has any other tips that have worked for them, it would be much appreciated!

Monday night Kaylie was VERY restless and then was wide awake at 2:30! I tried everything to get her back to sleep, but do you know what FINALLY got her back to sleep? I laid her down next to her Daddy, she snuggled up with him and was out! Perhaps Ryan needs to stay home and she won't be so fussy! A Daddy's girl to the core I guess!

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Rachel said...

Evey like her binkies in the freezer when she is teething heavily. So we toss then in a baggie in there and she chews away on them

Janet said...

Hylands teething tablets!!! The are a herbal teething tablet and I swear by them!! It's an all natural product so it's not like you are giving them drugs all the time. Seriously check them out! I know a lot of MoM's who have used them!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

In case you were wondering what happened, I had to take my blog down. This crazy lady who hates my husbands company put 2 and 2 together and posted all of our personal information all over her hateful blog. :-( So the blog (fromstilettostosneakers) is gone for now. Until I can decide what do to. :-(

Gretchen said...

Deb- That's awful! I have been wondering about you and checking your blog to see where you were. Can you make a private one that people can only see if invited?

Gretchen said...

Rachel, that tip is genius! I am definitely going to try it!

Rachel said...

Let me know if it works for you. We found using the 6months plus soothes work best because the plastic is thicker and she can chew more