Monday, August 16, 2010

Peaches and a Hayride...Sounds like a Country Song

This weekend the twins went on their first hayride... On the beach! It was so much fun. Look how much fun they had...

Ok, they fell asleep, but I swear they were dreaming about how much fun they were having! They did wake up at the end and transformed into a little cowgirl and cowboy:

They also got to try their second fruit this weekend... PEACHES! The verdict is in and...

Peaches are GROSS!

They were not fans and still today are not thrilled when the spoon comes close. I don't blame them though, the smell of it just from me feeding them is disgusting! Thank goodness we only have one more day to test these and then can take a break. I'm thinking next will be apples then prunes. Not exactly looking forward to prunes, but it must get done eventually so why not after they have binding apples, haha! 

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Gina said...

LOL - cute pics! Some of the fruits are a little tart - I can see why some babies don't like them!

Cheryl said...

no peaches in this house either, mine like bland apples and green beans. Yuck!!
Adorable pics!