Saturday, March 6, 2010

Help me Achieve One of My Goals!

Hello Blog readers! I have a slight favor to ask you. So one of my 101 goals is to have my blog make it to the top 25 on so I am asking you all for your help. If you read my blog and like it, please click here to vote Just clicking the link casts the vote for my blog.

...Thank you all for your help and support! And keep reading my blog because I have a feeling a BIG update will be coming this week!


Shelby Bukhenik said...

I casted my vote!! Then I noticed you are #20, or 21 (i forget which) but congrats!!

Gretchen said...


~K~ said...

Done!! xoxo

Mark and Emily said...

AMAZING!!! I don't even know you but I have been following your blog since Oct. I am pregnant with twins and you are my inspiration!!! God Bless!