Sunday, March 14, 2010

1 Week Old

Kaylie and Cavan are one week old today. We are all still getting to know each other and enjoying every minute (even the late night feedings). We have had amazing help from family and friends. Our dogs, Jameson and Dolce, came home today and are really adjusting well to the new family members. Dolce loves giving kisses and Jameson has even come to say hello a couple times.

Cavan is protesting peeing in his diapers at the moment. He pees while they are on, it just manages to miss his diaper and end up on his side instead. We call him our little man, because he looks like a little man. He has such a funny personality. He gives little googley eyes and and loves to smile. We did get good news from the pediatrician, his Billyrubin levels are perfect and his jaundice is gone!

Kaylie is our little serious girl. She has this little face she makes that tells you she means business! She will sneak in a smile from time to time too. She is also our little chow hound. She eats so well so hopefully we can get her weight up. She had lost a bit more than 10% at the hospital so we were working on getting it back up.

I am doing well with my recovery. I am still a bit sore, but definitely not as bad as I had thought I would be. Thankfully I have had a lot of help especially from my mom who has been staying with us and really doing more than we could ever ask for. We have been so appreciative of her. I apologize if I don't get back to anyone right away and if I can't update the blog all that often. Hopefully when we all adjust we will be a bit more social.

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Shelby Bukhenik said...

Oh my word Gretchen they are perfect! Good luck and get as much sleep as you can...oh and don't blink because then all of the sudden they are one!