Friday, February 5, 2010

So, How was Your Week?

Let me tell you a little bit about mine...

Monday: Ryan and I went for our growth ultrasound. It started off with the ultrasound tech telling us it looked like Baby B Who we have been referring to as Kaylie, aka a girl) was a boy. WHAT?!? So of course I was a little thrown off by that. I kept asking if we could check Baby A's gender to confirm and she just kept saying, we'll get to that.

Well she checked and it appears that there was some overlapping going on and Baby B is still a girl and Baby A is still a boy. *PHEW* we don't need to make any trips to Babies R Us to make any exchanges! So they appear to be growing perfectly. In fact, Kaylie is weighing about 4lbs 7oz and Cavan is weighing in at about 4lbs 2oz! We were shocked that they are so big already, although I can definitely feel the weight!

Wednesday: I had a Dr's appointment, and this is where things get interesting. It appears that I have some protein in my urine. This could be nothing, but could also indicate the first signs of pre-eclampsia. However, my blood pressure was perfectly normal. So I was sent for more blood work (surprise, surprise), another urine sample, and they checked my blood pressure again to make sure it hadn't gone up. Well it didn't go up.

So I was then put on strict bed rest and had to do a 24-hour urine collection (If you've never had to do, be grateful. It was very gross). So Ryan and I took up residence with my Mom and Step-Father so there would be someone there with me at all times since I could only get up to pee and eat.

Friday: Went in for my follow up appointment and to drop off my jug-o-pee. We had a little ultrasound first to check on the little ones and they were great in there. My Dr. said she couldn't believe their weights. She said it was great that they were that big at this stage and that the weight they are at now is typical of a baby at 35 weeks, so we are ahead of the curve. We still don't want them coming for another few weeks though.

I was then told the news I wanted to hear, back to just modified bed rest! My blood pressure hadn't changed at all! So we scheduled another ultrasound for 34 weeks and I was sent on my way!

Now let's just hope these babies keep cooking at least until March!


MV said...

Keep growing K and C!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

That's great! I gave birth at 36 weeks and 2 days to my baby A (girl) and baby B (boy). They're now 3. What a journey we've had!