Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10th Appointment and a New Toy!

I had my 10th appointment today. It was actually pretty uneventful compared to the last few. I, of course, still have protein in my urine, but everything else is perfect so my Dr is not concerned at all. We then took a listen to the heartbeats and Kaylie was very cooperative giving us her heartbeat of 158 BPM right away. Cavan on the other hand continued his trend of playing hide and seek with the doppler. Everytime we get a quick blip of a heartbeat he would move out of position. We finally got him to stay in one place long enough to get his rate at 142 BPM. So they are doing just fine! Then I was on my way.

Now in other fun and exciting news, Ryan and I have bought a new twin friendly vehicle! It will be much better than his two door, two seat truck we had. We got a 2010 Jeep Liberty! Just picked it up today and I can't wait to drive it! This was also one of my goals on my 101 in 1001 challenge as well. So I wrote up a little more on that page and added pictures. So to read a bit more, click here!

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