Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Sew You!

I just received in the mail one of the cutest gifts for the twins. A friend of mine has her own business making Eco-friendly products for your everyday life. She has her own Etsy store online called It's Sew You by Kirsten and one of the products she sells is baby onesies. Well I opened up a little package from her (that another friend of mine had ordered) and this is what I saw:
How cute are these?!? I can't wait to put the twins in these outfits! All of the embroidery was hand cut and sewn by my friend Kirsten. She has so many others to choose from on her site as well as a few other products available.

A little bit about her business which can also be found on her Etsy site:
it's sew Kirsten Cole is an environmentally friendly sewing company making products for your everyday life, allowing you to express your individual style while reducing your impact on the planet.

I have been sewing for many years and love it. I was taught by my mother when I was a child. Though I did not appreciate it then, I am thankful now. Love you mom!

it's sew you...makes every effort to reduce their carbon footprint. All materials (excluding the mailing envelope) used in packaging, including tags, have been re-purposed. Please keep the process going by recycling those items. Thanks!

I am a proud member of TeamEcoEtsy. Eco Etsy is a global group of like minded individuals who have come together to practice and spread the word about reducing, reusing and recycling. Please search TeamEcoEtsy for other wonderful Eco-friendly crafts and crafters.

Not only does she sell her products through Etsy, she can also be found at several stores in the area:
Oop Stuff!
220 Westminster St.
Providence, RI

Oop Stuff!
748 Legacy Pl.
Dedham, Ma

804 Hope St.
Providence, RI

Rhody Craft 100
Hope Artist Village
1005 Main St.
Pawtucket, RI

Green Envy Eco-boutique
223 Goddard Row
Newport, RI

 I highly recommend you check out her products because not only are they adorable pieces, they will help to reduce your carbon footprint as well. Click any of the links below and check out all that she has to offer and help support the local artists!



Christina said...

Are you kidding me? Those are fabulous!!! :))

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Those are so cute! Would've loved them for my twins when they were little!

Kelly said...

I was JUST coming on here to ask you what her store on Etsy was named...I remembered seeing it a while back, and I want to order a couple of onesies for friends who just had babies...PERFECT TIMING!!
Thanks Gretchen (and Kirsten!)

Jacqueline said...

Those are so cute!!!!