Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So this weekend Kaylie said her first word. Just watch!

MAMA! This time there is no mistaking it, she said mama! Although I'm wondering if this is how she will say every word, with an Elvis lip curl and a touch of growl. Either way, I still think it's the sweetest thing to hear your child call for you.

Also the twins went to their first parade yesterday! They had so much fun, although they both slept through pretty much the whole thing! Well Cavan did sleep through the whole parade, Kaylie woke up for the last 45 minutes! The weather was perfect and the crowd let us get right up front so the twins could see! Their cousin Ben came with us too and it was his first parade. He's a couple years older so I think he may have enjoyed it a bit more. He stayed awake for it all at least! All in all it was a great time we got to spend as a family!

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