Sunday, September 5, 2010


One of the networks I belong to is Multiples...and More! They are a wonderful resource and a great place for Mom's of Multiples to meet others. I have linked up to a few blogs through this network and it's been great to see how other's twins progress compared to mine. So anyways, one of the things they do is a question of the week each week. This is the first time I've actually participated, but I thought it was a topic I can certainly relate to, so why not?

What are your favorite products for your multiples?
Their Boppy Bouncers! Honestly they do just about EVERYTHING in these and have since birth. They eat, sleep, play, and poop in here! They make it easy on me when I have to feed them both at the same time and they really just enjoy being in them. Although now that they are getting a bit more mobile, they prefer to be on the floor or their Jumparoo more for playtime, but these still serve the purpose for eating and relaxing!


Do you have one for every child?
Yes we do! We have the pink one for Kaylie and the blue one for Cav! Lifesavers!

What types of products can you get away with just buying one of?
Toys! The twins are getting more and more inquisitive these days and we want them to try to build their motor skills, both fine and gross. However, we don't buy each of them the same toy. We really don't buy them each individual toys. If we buy 2 toys, guess what? They both get to play with them. It's just easier that way.

If you have boy/girl multiples do you buy gender neutral so they can all play or do you stick with pink and blue? Does it matter?
Well, with the bouncers, we went pink and blue, but sometimes they get put in the other's bouncer. With our swing we went neutral because it was cute. Their Jumparoos were hand me downs so we just happen to have one pink and one blue (although they jump in both). Their walker car is pink and Cav doesn't mind. Kaylie plays with the toy screwdriver we bought. So really it doesn't matter either way for them or us right now. I say as long as their happy, who cares what color or gender specific the item is supposed to be.

What product did you buy that you wish you didn't?
The BundleMe's.

I know so many parents have raved about these, but honestly, we NEVER used them. When they were born, we really didn't go many places and if we did it was usually just from one house to another. They weren't really outside much at all. We decided to trade in the winter ones for the spring lightweight ones, well we never even opened those either. If it was a little chilly we just tossed a blanket on them and made sure they had long sleeves on. Maybe we'll use them in the Fall, although, they're getting a little big now and like to kick their legs a lot, so we may just stick with the blankets.

How do you keep everything organized?
Ha, organized? To be honest, we really don't. They really don't have too many toys, so those pretty much fit into a little canvas bin and gets tossed in the corner along with floor blankets and Bumbos! Their bouncers get left in the living room and their Jumparoos and walker get put in the dining room. It works for us and I swear doesn't look as cluttered as it sounds!

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Safire said...

Ah the fun things you have to look forward to. I'm interested to see if in 2 years you are still not buying 2 sets of toys. :)

Shelby Bukhenik said...

I have the same bouncer and Emma loved it...Izzie is not so sure haha!

That bundle me thing is NOT necessary AT all!

Cheryl said...

we used the bundle me's as the weather here in nov is freezing and that way we only put the twins in sleepers and avoided snowsuits!!!

We also loved the Bumbos for feeding!