Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dream a Little Dream...

Do you ever watch your sleeping baby as they make tiny little smiles or flap their legs up and down? Do you ever wonder "what are they reliving"? What are they dreaming about? I'm constantly wondering what is going on in those two little noggins all day. As they begin to express themselves even more during the day I have to assume they are absorbing so much more as well.

Did you know babies dream? They DREAM! That is amazing to me that they do this so young. However, did you also know they have night terrors? What on Earth have they been exposed to that they would be afraid? This is what I questioned the first time Cavan had a night terror. He began screaming the most God-awful scream I have ever heard. I ran to his crib, picked him up and started trying to console him while also trying to figure out what was wrong.

Was he hurt? No. Did he need his diaper changed? No. Was he hungry? No. He was still asleep! So I just rocked him in my arms and told him I was their. He slowly calmed down and went back into his restful sleep. This happened a couple other times since so I asked about it and come to find out, they can have night terrors. Who knew?

I'm glad he knows that when I tell him I am there he knows I mean it and that it will always be the case. No matter how old either of them gets, if they ever have a night terror, I will be there to rock them until they feel safe again. That is an amazing feeling, to know that they have so much trust in me and they've only known me for almost 6 months!

Trust is a wonderful thing.

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Shelby Bukhenik said...

I love watching their eyes flutter and you get to see a little smirk or smile or pout haha!

Emma has had night terrors and its so sad, but such a nice feeling to be able to console them!