Friday, September 17, 2010

SITS Back to Blogging Day 5 - Why I Blog

Today is Day 5, the final day, of the SITS Back to Blogging Challenge and the topic is "Why I Blog". As always before I get into it make sure to visit the sponsors of this event! Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances I'm trying to win these beauties since we're wearing out my Mom's with every load!

Well if you've been reading my posts this week you all know why I started blogging, as an outlet to help me cope with my miscarriage. Now? Now it is so much more. My main topic is and always will be my two precious little babies. I write to chronicle every tooth, milestone, and well poop explosion! I do occasionally have a post about myself to a) Connect more with my readers and B) Sometimes you just need a baby break. I also have the VERY occasional giveaway, because I love my readers and want to give back!

A lot of my family and friends can't always see the little ones and always want to know how they're doing. They want to see how big they're getting. They want to know what they're up to. So I blog for them.

My babies may want to look back one day and see how they got to where they are. What's their story? You know, in addition to their baby books, they may want to know all the knitty gritty details of their life. So I blog for them.

I've met so many wonderful women here in the blogosphere and kept in touch with old friends. I love when people tell me that they have done something because of what I wrote, like the 101 in 1001 challenge or the Project 365. So I blog for them.

Lastly, this blog is my outlet. My place to come when I need a break, have something to say, or am just ever so proud of something my little ones have done. I share what is important to me. I never write just for the sake of writing or trying to "Up my stats". I write for a purpose. This week has really helped me to remember that, by uprooting some old posts and getting me back to my prior state of mind. Although I never really strayed. It has definitely been nice though to see how far I've come. So much has changed in the past year and I have the SITS girls to thank for helping me see that again. I don't know if I would have realized it as much if I hadn't blogged about it. So, for this reason, I blog for me.

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Karen Peterson said...

I think that's the BEST reason to blog, Gretchen! I'm glad you've found so much enjoyment from it and it's been nice to 'meet' you this week!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

You have GREAT reasons to blog! I love your blog it's wonderful and your writing is great.

I blog because of the outlet, but also because of the wonderful people that I meet through it.

Thank you so much for all of your support through my hard times. You are really one who has consistently commented. Thank you.


Shelby Bukhenik said...

I agree this week of blogging has gotten me back on track and helped me to maybe blog better!!

Shirley said...

Hey! This is my first visit to your blog. Congratulations on your twins!