Monday, April 26, 2010

In MY Opinion...

I've seen people posts these in the past and thought I'd contribute my 2 cents. This is a tag post. Once you go through and read, leave a comment with a link to your blog post with your opinions on products you love/hate. A lot of Moms have differing opinions as to what products work for them and which ones are a waste of money. My take may be a bit different than that of a mom of one, but these are the things that work for us. I'll also let you know which items I like having multiples of. So, here we go...

What I like:

The Musical Seahorse: This is a life saver! I don't know what it is about it, but it calms the twins right down! I recommend 1 for each baby.

Boppy Pillows: These are great for feeding at the same time, tummy time, and just hanging out. Also a big help when you have a baby with reflux who needs to sit up for 20 minutes after a feeding (even at 3AM). I recommend 1 for each baby.

Bouncer: Now this is the one we have (in pink and blue) but I think any bouncer will do. These also have the same benefits as the boppy pillows, just another alternative.

Bottle Warmer: I was hesitant on this at first I'll admit, but let me tell you, when you have 2 babies screaming for food at 3AM, sitting a bottle in hot water just isn't fast enough for any of us! This heats the bottle in about 2 minutes. It's a beautiful thing. I recommend 1 for each baby, why make them wait even longer?

Large Flannel Receiving Blankets: A Must, A Must, A Must! These are great for swaddling, tummy time on the floor (who wants dirty pants?), a shield from spit up, a wipe for spit ups (can you tell my baby has reflux?), and just a light weight blanket to keep warm. We use these for everything. I do recommend getting the large ones because they are harder to escape from when you have Houdinis for children. I recommend a lot of these!

Baby Trend Jogger: Now this isn't the exact stroller we have, ours only has one wheel in front, but I think this is the newer model. Anyways, I recommend any stroller that has tires like bicycle tires. They are great for any terrain and makes it so easy to push.

Pampers Swaddlers: LOVE THEM! Enough said!

Playmat: These are great to engage their attention. We do Brother Sister time on it where they lay side by side and chat it up. They reach up for the toys that hang and kick them too. We also do tummy time on these too. I figure it gives them something nice to look at other than the floor. I'd say you only need one total.

Playtex Vent Air Bottles: These are great. Easy to clean, easy to prep, and fairly inexpensive too.

Things I have a Love/Hate Relationship with:

The Soothie: These are great to settle my babies down. The only problem is when they spit it out. My daughter likes to play the pacifier game where she will spit it out, cry, and we put it back in, repeat. Not a fun game for us...especially at 3AM. I recommend stocking up at the hospital. We have approximately 50.

The Lamb Swing: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having a swing, what I don't love is that this swing takes batteries. If you do get a swing, get one that plugs in... TRUST me! Start with one and if both babies really like it and it's the only thing they like, then get another, otherwise, one just works for us.

Video Monitor: While it's fun to watch them when we do have it one, we rarely ever use it. Right now the twins are sleeping in our room and we only have one floor in our house. So I'd say it's not really a necessity... unless you want to see how the neighbor's baby sleeps, because I'll tell you, you pick up other monitors.

Things I Don't Like:

Playtex Drop Ins: These may be great for single babies, but when you have multiples, the liners can really add up. We went through a pack of 100 in less than a week!

Huggies: I didn't like the diapers or the wipes. My son peed out of EVERY and I mean EVERY Huggies diaper we put on him. The wipes we found to rip very easily, but somehow be way too thick. Just not a fan.

There really isn't a whole lot I don't like right now, but these were just a couple that I really just don't care for. Again these are all just my opinion and you may have completely different views on these. Use what works best for you, but these work best for me!

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Mark and Emily said...

I am 31 weeks now with twins, thanks so much for this post. It helps a lot! :)

Gretchen said...

You're welcome! Good luck to you with the rest of your pregnancy!

Cheryl said...

I have twin 5 month old boys and I 100% agree with all your products. The vent air bottles saved my Kyle from his gas issues...also the Enfamil A+ formula (if you use formula) settled his belly down fast.

Playmats are such lifesavers for twins....and the baby bjorn, I tend to have one in a bjorn and one is a stroller (I still have a single stroller from my 5 yr old)

KLZ said...

I used to make fun of the Boppy because "wouldn't regular pillows work just as well".

No. No they won't. The Boppy is a miracle.