Monday, October 5, 2009

3rd Dr.'s Appointment...

I had my 3rd appointment today and met with my mid-wife. First was the dreaded scale, a subtle laugh in the face every appointment. So far though I've only gained 4Lbs total which my mid-wife says is great. Next we talked about the flu vaccine, which I told her I already got, so that was good. Then she does recommend the H1N1 vaccine for me as well. So as skeptical as I am about this vaccine, it appears I will be receiving one anyways.

Then she showed me the numbers from my NT Scan and bloodwork which showed a less than 1 and 10,000 chance of both Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18. She said the numbers don't get better than that!

Then it was on to the fun part, hearing the heartbeats! This was the first time I had actually heard them, although we have seen them a few times on the ultrasounds. It was hard to get a really accurate beat count, but there were definitely two heartbeats still whooshing away in there. At one point it literally sounded like there was a horse galloping in my uterus! The babies have definitely moved from my lower left side to now the center and right at my belly button (explaining the more pronounced bulge I am sporting lately). She said the position is typical of a woman carrying one at 20 weeks which made me glow with pride for a second that my babies are already more advanced than the norm; however with two they are just where they should be.

So basically everything looked great. I was told to just keep doing what I have been and call if anything comes up. I was also told to get more rest which should help to alleviate the mild headaches I've been getting and to keep my feet elevated whenever possible to relieve back pain. I also need to be aware of my posture to help with the back pain. I guess it's time to whip out the old encyclopedias and stroll around the living room with them on my head.

Oh and we also scheduled our BIG Ultrasound for November 2nd! Now hopefully the babies will cooperate and let us see what colors we need to start buying!

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