Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was mistaken before...

I NOW officially have morning sickness. The feeling before, it was just a "light breeze" of nausea compared to what I felt this morning. On my way to the train this morning, while eating a breakfast bar. I got to the end of my parking lot and got "the feeling". You know what feeling I'm talking about, the sweats, lightheaded, and that strangeness creeping up the throat. I braced myself for the worst, fully nder the impression I would be needing some serious detail work on my car in the near future. I blasted the air conditioning on my face and tried to find any sort of bag in the car, to no avail. Then, by the grace of God, everything started to retreat. Needless to say I was a bit nervous for the train ride into work and just hoped I'd be able to keep everything to myself for the duration of the ride. So my body's response to keeping everything in was to knock me out cold the entire ride. It was a nice little nap I must say.

Now since this morning's little episode, I have had several similar moments where I thought it would for sure happen. It seems to subside after I eat something. It's just getting to the point of actually putting the food into my mouth that seems to be the issue.

I am also very excited for my first appointment tomorrow. Typically the first appointment is just a lot of the basics and a checkup, nothing really exciting. However, with my last pregnancy my first appointment also included an ultrasound to see the baby's heartbeat. I am hopeful that since I will be seeing the same mid-wife that she will do the same this time around! Maybe I'll even have a picture to post up tomorrow! So until then I shall work on keeping my food down.


Kara said...

Good Luck at your Appointment! I hope everything goes well!

JAdams said...

Best of luck today!!!!