Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dinner is a Bust...

So for the past two nights I have had very good intentions of having a solid dinner. I keep telling Ryan, tonight we can have the steak tips, potatoes, and green beans. This all sounds fine and dandy until I get home and actually envision eating all of those items. So what have we ended up having instead you ask? Apple Jacks and Fruity Pebbles. Cereal seems to be about the only thing I can stomach at night.

It's funny because during the day it is game on with anything in sight, but once I walk through my front door the baby says, "Let's keep the running joke going and have cereal...again". This baby I am thinking has Ryan's sense of humour and eating habits for that matter, since Ryan is actually content with having cereal for dinner. So ok Baby C, I know you're due in April, and very close to April 1st, but the steaks are really going to go bad if we don't eat them soon. How about a night off from cereal tonight? Judging by the wave of nausea I just received, I'm thinking it will be another Apple Jacks night tonight. Anyone want some steak

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