Friday, August 21, 2009

Houston We Have a Heartbeat...

Oh, I'm sorry, did I say a heartbeat? I meant two heartbeats! You read right, we're having twins!!! Ryan and I are beyond excited right now. I will post some pictures from the ultrasound as soon as I get them scanned in. The Ultrasound Tech saw within 3 seconds that there were two babies in there. Both are measuring exactly the same at 7 weeks 5 days giving us a due date of April 4. Their heartbeats were strong too at 163 bpm. I have my next appointment September 3rd and hopefully we'll get more pictures of the little ones!

Here is there first debut!

Baby C #1

Baby C #2

Both Babies!


Anonymous said...

Gretchen, we are so happy for you and Ryan. Best of luck with your pregnancy and take great care of yourself. Continue to keep us posted.........
Brian, Debbie & Katie

Jacqueline said...

I so happy for you both. Congratulations!

Frances said...

Gretchen and Ryan
Unbelieveable very happy for both of you. We are looking forward to watching A, B, Conlon's progress and grow with everyweek!