Monday, December 13, 2010

Someone get my Son a Safety Helmet Please!

Kaylie's the talker and he's the mover. He's just not satisfied sitting anymore. Although he's not quite stable on his feet and as much as I try to cushion his falls, sometimes I miss. Those times are not pleseant, but like a trooper he keeps on keepin on!

Guaranteed he will be walking shortly after the new year!

Kaylie on the other hand will just learn how to say "Move me" and that'll be her preferred method of transportation.



hi pls allow me to comment on your post. :) I love babies... and your kylie is so cute! hahaha....endearing! God bless your baby! :) said...

Trust me - it is much better to have an overactive child that one who just sits there like a log!
Happy Holidays!

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