Friday, September 9, 2011

Sleeping Arrangements

Now this isn't a post on co-sleeping vs sleeping in the crib, just throwing that out there. Every time my son is teething its almost inevitable that he will end up in our bed for the night. He always starts out in his crib and then sometime in the middle of the night, after several trips to his bedroom, I cave and bring him in just to get a "Good night sleep". Why is that in quotations? Because the only one getting a good night sleep is him. My son, folks, is a bed pirate.

We have a queen sized bed and there are already 2 dogs who join us. Let me just give you a diagram of what our bed typically looks like when Cavan joins us...
Totally drawn to scale, art skills at their finest!

As you can see, my son sleeps sideways to begin with. He typically has his head on my belly or wedged in my armpit! Poor Ryan though gets the worse end... the feet. Cavan literally kicks Ryan to the very edge of the bed every night.

I think at this point we have two options, get Cavan to stay in his bed (without waking up Kaylie) or get a bigger bed. I'm thinking we're in for the latter.


athelda said...

Our girls are 20 months apart. I remember waking up to feet and other parts directly against my cheek. During the course of the night visitors seem to find our way into the bed.

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