Wednesday, February 9, 2011

11 Months!

The twins are 11 months! Time to start the birthday planning! I've already begun thinking about themes and decorations, now it's time to get this show going! It's absolutely amazing to see the bond these two have formed even more so in the last month. They love to play together and even have there own little language to communicate to each other.

Kaylie has become SO much more mobile! She crawls on her knees and no longer army crawls. She pulls herself up onto everything and now even lets go to stand on her own. I'm convinced she will start walking before Cavan! Her vocabulary continues to grow each day with her repeating so many words. She still has her sweet personality, but don't let her fool you, she has a nasty temper when she's told no. I'm really in for it with her, haha. She has two more teeth slowing coming in and that has been making her sleep patterns not so great. Hopefully this is just a phase since her brother is making a lot of progress with his sleep.

Cavan is still working on that confidence to get himself walking. He'll walk with a walker, and will sometimes let go for a second, but does not want to stay up on his own for too long. I would like to report though that I believe we have see a white flag in regards to the crib wars. He no longer fights us to go in his crib and I have The Sleep Lady to thank for that! Crying it out just didn't work for us so this was a much gentler option. 

I can't believe it's almost been a year! These two have grown way too fast!


Kelly Marie said...

Wow time flies! yikes I cannot believe how big they are - they are so adorable!!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

They are sooo cute! I can't believe its been almost a year.

I love seeing them together they are so sweet.

Glad to hear the crib isn't a war zone anymore. Every baby is different so its nice to hear all the options out there!

Maily♥ said...

very cute and beautiful babies :)

Business logo design said...

So pretty both are..and pics are beautiful.

Margot said...

Hi Gretchen! I am so glad I found your blog. Congratulations on your beautiful twins and surviving miscarriage. Sadly, we recently lost our twins boys (I was 17 weeks) and we are now ready to begin rebuilding our family. I am so encouraged by your story and it has provided me hope for our future. Thank you for sharing it!

am said...

so cute baby

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