Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for So Much..

I have so much to be thankful for this year and was overjoyed this Thanksgiving. I loved watching my two little bundles as they feasted on turkey with all the fixings!

So here are a few of the things I am thankful for!

I am thankful for Kaylie's dance skills that always put a smile on anyones face...

I am thankful for my future weight loss now that Cavan does these two maneuvers...

I am thankful for the only 2 teeth Kaylie has, as she continues to use my shoulder and her fist as a chewie (Cavan has 7 for the record!)

I am thankful for happy, healthy babies this holiday season...

Most of all, I am thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful family and close friends who mean the world to me.

I hope your holidays are Merry and Bright!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

For Your Entertainment

This is just a hodge podge (modge podge?), well it's a just a bunch of random things rolled into one post complete with pictures and video!

First off, we recently went to Cleveland to visit my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. I was a little nervous about how they would be on the flight, but I must say, they were absolutely perfect! Look at my big girl enjoying the plane!
Cavan fell asleep right before take-off and Kaylie waited until we hit some bad turbulence to let that rocking put her to sleep. But neither of them fussed once!

Now onto hair. Yes, Kaylie's hair. It is SO long now and I love it! This is what I have looked forward to since she was born...

Pig Tails and Pony Tails!!! How cute are these?? She loves having her hair brushed too although she's not always cooperative when I'm trying to put an elastic or bow in. But I keep on doing it because she looks way too cute!

Last weekend we too them to the park and put them in the swings. They weren't too thrilled. There was no laughing with excitement or joy.

Then I took Kaylie over to the slide and she was not impressed. But this is how they are with everything the first time around. Very hard to read, but then the next time they love it! Except when it comes to lemons...

So I'm sorry for the extremely random post, but it's 11:00 at night and I haven't updated in a while. So I think we're good with playing catch up.

Oh and for those of you who may remember I started my own custom photo creation business, Snips and Sugar, it is starting to take off and between that and the babies I have been very busy so I apologize if I don't get to update as much, but I will try to at least post pictures!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

8 Months!

Ok so it's a little late, BUT I have a good excuse. We were traveling all weekend to Cleveland and Ryan and I BOTH ended up with the stomach bug! Needless to say, pictures on the exact day they turned 8 months, well they just didn't happen. Anyways I'm rambling, so cue the picture...

There is so much going on now that the twins are 8 months. Cavan is army crawling. He can get up on all fours but just rocks, but if you put something in front of him, he will army crawl to get it! Kaylie on the other hand has decided that rolling will continue to be her mode of transportation. But don't let her fool you, she if quick! They are also trying to pull themselves up and are stronger than I thought!

They are both saying "Mama", "Dada", and "Baba" and Cav also says "Gaga". They love to just talk and talk to me and anyone who will listen (or most of the time, themselves). 

They are also really getting into table foods. I've been trying new things with them and here is the breakdown; Likes: Pancakes,pulled pork, chicken, soup, noodles, puffs, yoghurt and yoghurt melts, and carrots.
Dislikes: Bananas (I think it's the texture), ground beef, and peas.

We're still experimenting with different things, but they love to feed themselves and its so fun to watch them do it. Kaylie never misses her mouth and Cavan gets the food in about 50% of the time, haha.

We ended up having to bring up some of my nephew's old toys because they just aren't interested in their old baby toys. We'll have to get them some of their own soon! Thank goodness for Christmas. I think Santa will be VERY good to them this year! I mean just look how well they play together...

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Terrible... 8 Months?

I know I like to think my babies are always advanced with everything, HOWEVER, they could have held out on this one. I'm pretty sure they think they're going on two because Kaylie has learned to throw a fit like the best of them and Cavan has become a maniac on the changing table!

A few examples, she likes to take Cavan's binkie away from him, pretty much whenever she can. Well he used to tolerate it, but now cries when she does it. So I've started taking it away from her, which she used to be fine with... until recently. Now when I take it away from her she responds by throwing herself back, kicking her legs, and screaming. Really, a temper tantrum at just about months? How is this even possible?

Another fun thing is she ONLY wants to be with me. Now don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces and love the fact that she feels safe and comfortable with me, but it breaks my heart when Ryan tries to hold her and she screams. I know the pediatrician said this would be a phase she would go through, I just hope it's not a long one. This is also the case when I try to put her down to, I don't know say, change her brother's diaper. She refuses to bend her legs to sit and arches her back and screams. She just wants me to hold her which wouldn't be as hard if I only had her, but Cavan needs attention too.

Now it's not only Kaylie who has been having all this fun. Cavan has become a little pill when getting changed. The second I lay him down he's trying to flip over, kicks his legs, wiggles his arms, and tries to take nose dives off the changing table. This has resulted in few diaper changes that end very poorly with both of us needing a bath after. I have also mastered putting a diaper on him while he is on his tummy. Needless to say, I'm pretty much sweating after every diaper or clothing change!

There is definitely a reason they make babies so cute! I mean how can you be mad at these little people?

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