Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Terrible... 8 Months?

I know I like to think my babies are always advanced with everything, HOWEVER, they could have held out on this one. I'm pretty sure they think they're going on two because Kaylie has learned to throw a fit like the best of them and Cavan has become a maniac on the changing table!

A few examples, she likes to take Cavan's binkie away from him, pretty much whenever she can. Well he used to tolerate it, but now cries when she does it. So I've started taking it away from her, which she used to be fine with... until recently. Now when I take it away from her she responds by throwing herself back, kicking her legs, and screaming. Really, a temper tantrum at just about months? How is this even possible?

Another fun thing is she ONLY wants to be with me. Now don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces and love the fact that she feels safe and comfortable with me, but it breaks my heart when Ryan tries to hold her and she screams. I know the pediatrician said this would be a phase she would go through, I just hope it's not a long one. This is also the case when I try to put her down to, I don't know say, change her brother's diaper. She refuses to bend her legs to sit and arches her back and screams. She just wants me to hold her which wouldn't be as hard if I only had her, but Cavan needs attention too.

Now it's not only Kaylie who has been having all this fun. Cavan has become a little pill when getting changed. The second I lay him down he's trying to flip over, kicks his legs, wiggles his arms, and tries to take nose dives off the changing table. This has resulted in few diaper changes that end very poorly with both of us needing a bath after. I have also mastered putting a diaper on him while he is on his tummy. Needless to say, I'm pretty much sweating after every diaper or clothing change!

There is definitely a reason they make babies so cute! I mean how can you be mad at these little people?

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~K~ said...

Gretchen, I can't believe how fast they are growing! They are SO adorable I want to eat them up! Miss you, glad things are going well, I need to meet these little people soon :)

Maria Mcclain said...

This kids are too cute specially the boy who love biting other, Great work done by catching these snaps at the perfect time. I think you must submit ur blog for free in this website for more exposure. have a nice day & give my love to the kids!

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