Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dr's Appointment Update

So I had my 5th Dr's appointment today and my Dr. said everything looked great. I got a little peak at Cavan and Kaylie, but unfortunately have no pictures to share this time. Although I can report that Kaylie is very determined to evict her wombmate. Poor Cavan was curled up into a little ball while Kaylie, the womb pirate, sprawled herself out just fine. They were VERY active in there, squirming and moving all over the place. I will say it does look to be getting a bit crowded in there and it took my doctor a couple minutes to determine who belongs to which body parts. All in all they both look happy and healthy. Cavan is considered breach right now, but will most likely end up head down. Kaylie is transverse and laying across my belly. She will most likely be the deciding factor or C-Section or not.

We are still a go for bed rest starting at 30 weeks. However, one bit of information that made my jaw drop a bit, if Kaylie and Cavan are both head down and we're all healthy my Dr. said she would let me go as long as 40 weeks. Now it's very unlikely that I will make it that far anyways, but the thought of lasting another 18 weeks is a bit shocking to me. Also it appears that my Dr. has decided to take a vacation during my 38th week which would have been as long they would let me go if I needed to schedule a C-section. So now that may be pushed out to 39 weeks. Again, it will be highly unlikely I will go that far out, but it's still in the back of my head now.

As far as me physically, the Dr. said she had no problems with my weight and that I was gaining at a healthy pace. I could beg to differ with that when I saw the scale jump 10 pounds from my last appointment 4 weeks ago, but if she's not worried then I'll just keep doing what I have been. My belly itself is measuring the same as a woman with one at 29 weeks.

One last bit of information, at our big ultrasound they noticed a bit a fluid around Kaylie's kidneys, but said it wasn't too much to be concerned about at this point and will only become a concern if it gets worse later. Well today my Dr. had referred to Baby B as a boy and mentioned that the fluid around the kidneys was common in boys. I politely mentioned that we were told Baby B was the girl. She then said, hmm, that's interesting, it still can happen with girls, but is more common in boys. So when I go for my next big ultrasound at 28 weeks I may just have them double check for safe measure.

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